Chaplaincy Services

Who We Are

Ordained Chaplains USA is a network of licensed and ordained pastors and ministers throughout the United States who are on-call to respond to needs. When you submit a request for a chaplain, one of these local ministers will be notified and will respond to your need. All of our licensed and ordained chaplains go through a screening process to ensure they are qualified and able to minister effectively.

Ordained Chaplains USA is the right service for you if you desire privacy and confidentiality regarding your situation. Our services are delivered via E-mail only at this time. If you are in a hospital, hospice, businesses location, school, college, prison, or home, we can reach you and minister to your needs right where you are.

When Should You Request a Chaplain?

  • When you or a member of your family falls sick and is hospitalized.
  • When an elderly member of your family is close to death.
  • When you are grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • When you have questions about faith or spiritual matters but do not feel comfortable visiting a church.
  • When you just need someone to pray with and for you.
  • When you or a family member are in prison or jail.
  • When you want privacy and confidentiality regarding your situation.


We ask that you give a love offering for each chaplaincy session. All payments are due up front and are non-refundable.

  • E-mail: $10
  • Phone: $14
  • Skype: $17

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